Earlier this week, we reported that Prince Andrew had been hit with a lawsuit from Jeffrey Epstein accuser Virginia Roberts Giuffre alleging that the royal had sex with her when she was under the age of 18.

Now, a royal expert is saying that Andrew’s mother Queen Elizabeth, 95, is struggling as she faces this difficult situation without her late husband Prince Philip by her side.

The Express reported that royal expert Russell Myers said that the Queen will be thinking about her late husband and “happier times” as she takes solace at her Balmoral estate.

“Now it is clear that whatever the outcome of legal proceedings lodged this week in New York, there is no way back for the disgraced Duke, and yet still the fallout could be far worse than a loss of status,” Myers said. “As the Queen takes solace at Balmoral for the remainder of the summer, she will be thinking of her dear husband Philip, of all the times they spent there together, welcoming family and friends during happier times.”

“With the threat of one of her children having to take the stand on allegations of being a sex offender she will perhaps sadly feel a little less refreshed as the world awaits an outcome to this latest royal drama,” he continued.

Philip passed away back in April at the age of 99. At the time, Andrew released a statement about his father’s death, and sources said that he was hoping that he might be able to become a senior royal again. His older brother Prince Charles, however, is reportedly “adamant” there is no way back for Andrew while allegations hang over his head.

“Prince Andrew might hope that this sad situation changes things, but Prince Charles is adamant there is no way back while allegations hang over him,” an insider said. “He spoke on camera in a private capacity because this is a family event. No one can stop him doing that.”

Another source said that Andrew believes in his “heart of hearts” he can make a return to royal duties. This lawsuit, however, makes it appear that he is further than ever from having this dream come true.

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