Back in August, we reported that the legendary chef and talk show host Rachael Ray’s home in upstate New York had burned down in a devastating fire. Months later, Ray is opening up about this tragic event while also giving fans an update on how the rebuilding of her home is going.

“I heard the fire in the walls. It was blood-curdling,”  Ray told Entertainment Tonight as she gave fans a look at the current status of her homes. “So here is our bedroom. This is the wall where I heard the fire climbing through the wall…At least you can see some bones.”

She then admitted that “walking in there the first time was the worst…That was very surreal.”

Ray explained to viewers that she and her husband, John Cusimano, have been staying at a guest house on their property ever since their home burned down.

“I don’t think we’re going to go back until it’s like done, done,” Ray said. “We’re going to stay down here, it was not fun.”

Ray and her husband are not expecting to be able to move back into their home until later this year.

Ray also opened up about how it felt to see her beloved home be gone.

“John and I were discussing that somehow it was easier to just see it gone, and the hole in the ground that’s our cellar is all that remained,” she said. “It was kind of easier to take it not being there than to stand inside a frame and see everything white all around you because you then really notice …”

“What’s missing,” her husband finished, at which time Ray said, “Which is everything.”

One month after the fire, Ray expressed how she felt about what had happened.

“It was just a shock when it actually happened,” Ray said in September. “I mean, you can’t imagine it. Our house is only 15 years old and we have our chimney cleaned twice a year. And literally it was just the chimney … and then the whole house literally burned down. I think initially we were just in shock. We listened to our first responders and we left with the clothes on our back and the flip-flops and Ugg shoes on our feet.”

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