Rachael Ray’s House Burns Down In Devastating Fire

A New York home belonging to celebrity chef Rachael Ray was just severely damaged in a fire on Sunday night.

The New York Post reported that the home is located in Lake Luzerne, and the Warren County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that it belongs to Ray. A spokesman for the celebrity cook said that she and her family were thankfully not injured in the blaze.

“Rachael, her husband and their dog Bella are safe,” said the representative. “The house is unfortunately damaged and we don’t yet know to what extent.”


“Everyone was able to get out safely,” Brian LaFleure, director of emergency services and fire coordinator for the county, told CNN. “There were no injuries, which was good,” he said. “Right now, we’re in the process of determining what the cause may be. It’s nothing suspicious, but we’re looking to determine what the cause was.”

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, Ray had been producing live cooking segments for her daytime talk show from her upstate New York home.

“There aint a lot of hair and make-up going on here, so it’s a different kind of intimacy that I think we’ve established with our viewers and honestly it feels good,” Ray told WNYT back in May.

“We have never worked this hard in our entire lives,” she added at the time.

Ray recently announced plans to donate $4 million to several charities including food banks and relief funds for laid off restaurant workers, saying she wanted to “help people more than just, ‘hey, here’s three things you can do with canned tuna.'”

Half of the money is set to go to animal rescues, with Ray saying that “a lot of the shelters can’t afford to keep going, there’s no workers. Animals are in crisis too.”

“The more you earn in life, the more you owe in service and the more you owe to your community,” she explained. “It is our absolute responsibility to take care of each other.”

Though Ray is not scared of contracting COVID-19 herself, she was “absolutely scared to death” for her 85 year-old mother, who lives across the street from her.

“I’m scared because she’s tough,” Ray said. “She wants a daily update of what you’re doing to help the world. In detail.”


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