Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Get Advice From Adele on Adjusting to Life in Beverly Hills

It has just been revealed that the singer Adele has spoken out to give Meghan Markle and Prince Harry advice about settling into life in Beverly Hills, California after they left the United Kingdom.

Daily Mail reported that Adele lives just five minutes from the $18 million mansion that Meghan and harry are currently staying in, and sources say she often stops by to say hello. Adele has reportedly offered them school recommendations for their 1 year-old son Archie, and given them advice on “discreet” places they can go to spend time together as a family without being recognized or bothered.

Adele’s just five minutes from Harry and Meghan and they’ve swapped notes on the area,” a source said. “Adele loves the neighborhood. She’s also recommended her four-year-old son Angelo’s pre-school and discreet places to take Archie where they won’t be bombarded by fans.”

“Meghan admires how Adele has managed to keep out of the spotlight despite being a huge star,” the insider continued.

Back in 2011, Adele joked in an interview that she was “after Prince Harry” because his love of partying would be “right laugh.” Clearly, their relationship has changed a lot over the years!

This comes after it was reported that Harry and Meghan have been living in the $18 million mansion of Hollywood mogul Tyler Perry while they look for a home of their own in Los Angeles. The couple were reportedly not happy after their location leaked to the media, as they had been trying to keep it a secret.

“Meghan and Harry have been extremely cautious to keep their base in LA under wraps,” a source said. “Their team helped them choose the location for their transition to Los Angeles wisely.¬†Beverly Ridge has its own guarded gate and Tyler’s property has a gate of its own which is watched by their security team.”

“Beverly Ridge is an excellent place to keep out of view. The neighbors are mostly old money and mega rich business types rather than show business gossips,” the source continued. “It goes without saying that the location is stunning – just one of the most beautiful and desirable areas in LA.”

Meghan, 38, grew up in L.A. and spent years living there while she tried to launch a career as an actress, so this is a homecoming of sorts for her. Meanwhile, 35 year-old Harry is thousands of miles away from everything he knows and loves, so it remains to be seen how he will adjust to the move.


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