Man Walks 7 Miles a Day at Disneyland Resulting in 150 Lb Weight Loss

The worst part about Disney? The walking and the lines — don’t even try to tell us it’s not.

A California resident revealed how he lost 150 pounds: by going to Disneyland. After a major health scare, he says his then-girlfriend-now-wife suggested taking long walks around the popular amusement park.

Mark Gautier says he had just emerged from a two-week coma when he got some shocking news from his doctor, Mercury News reports. He recently told the outlet, “The doctor said, ‘You really need to do something or you’re not going to last much longer.”

At the time, he says he was 400 pounds. His body had recently gone into diabetic shock and his kidneys were reportedly shutting down. He says that his situation was dire enough that a priest had actually been brought in to give him last rites.

In order to get the exercise he needed, his girlfriend suggested that they head to Disneyland and simply just walk around.

To the rest of us…once every 5-7 years is plenty at Disney, but Gautier was walking daily. He told Mercury News, “The first two times that I came to Disney just to walk around it was tough because I wasn’t used to walking.Then after about two weeks, I fell in love with the place.”

Happiest place on earth.

Eventually, he says he was walking 7 miles-a-day through the park. Aside from exercise, Gautier also changed his eating habits. Gautier explained it took him about five years to lose 150 pounds using this method. These days he actually works for Disneyland as a houseman at their hotel.


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