Contestant Kyle Rueger made ‘Family Feud’ host Steve Harvey toss his cards up in the air by answering a question with a totally risqué answer. Here’s the kicker: his father-in-law was in the audience.

The question the Rueger family was asked was, “We asked 100 married men, if you were blindfolded, you would still identify your wife by feeling her what?” Right off the bat the Ruegers managed to score lots of points with answers like lips, feet, breasts, and hair.

But that wasn’t going to win the game. Kyle went above and beyond, he said,  “Well, you know Steve, I’ve got to be respectful of my father-in-law who is in the crowd tonight, but I’m going to have to go with her lady parts, Steve.”

So, that’s when Steve takes a step back and just throws the cards up in the air while everyone is laughing at Kyle. Kyle’s wife looked like she was mortified at his answer — although she couldn’t stop laughing.

You guessed it — the clip went viral on social media with several reactions from people saying that even though it was risky, at least he answered respectfully. Whatever that means.

Surprise! Kyle’s answer wasn’t on the board, but luckily someone else in the family guessed correctly and it was a huge victory for the Rueger family.

Check it out:

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