Bride-To-Be Livid That Sister Chose Son With Special Needs Over Her Wedding

At what cost would you pick your in-laws over your own family?

The sole thing that any bride-to-be should have when doing anything that revolves a wedding is an understanding of the fact that she cannot please everyone.

It is the one thing for certain that absolutely cannot be done.

Recently, one bride took to to Reddit and asked for advice after her fiancé’s family decided at the last minute that they didn’t want to attend a wedding with children.

As it turns out the bride’s sister has a son with special needs and this threw a major wrench in everyone’s plans.

The post appeared on the site’s forums, where the woman posted, “I’m getting married on the 4th. Not ideal and it’s been a pain to organize but my fiancé’s family are from another country so we needed to do it while they were all here.

She continued “We planned a child-friendly wedding as my siblings both have kids. My brother has two girls and my sister has a son. My nephew has social anxiety disorder, has been diagnosed and is in therapy (something to do with his dad). He’s nine and the anxiety is pretty bad and manifests in tantrums and crying, so I planned a child-friendly wedding knowing my sister had no one to leave him with.”

Then her fiancé sprang some last-minute news on her:

“Today my fiancé came to me and said that his family,” she continued, “who we had planned the entire thing around, don’t want kids at the wedding. They’re all over 18, they want to drink, and ‘not have to worry about brats running around’ (his dad’s exact words) and they were threatening to not come.”

When she reached out to her family about the updated plans, her brother said his wife could look after his kids. Her sister, on the other hand, wasn’t able to find anyone to watch her son due to his social anxiety disorder.

“My sister says ‘I’ve got no one to leave [nephew] with so I’m really sorry and I’ll see you when you get back from honeymoon.'”

The bride, apparently, did not take this well, as she continued, “I got really mad because it’s in two days and my sister is now bailing on me so I reply ‘babysitter, neighbor, boyfriend?’ She says that he isn’t comfortable enough to be babysat by someone, he’s p—ed off or weirded out the neighbors with his tantrums and anxiety, and he’s not comfortable enough with her boyfriend to leave the two of them alone, and she’s sorry she can’t make it but if I’m doing child-free then she can’t go.”

Things got heated when the bride said she couldn’t believe her sister was missing the wedding because her kid “is antisocial.” After a brief argument, the sister reaffirmed that she wouldn’t be attending the wedding.

“I’ve not said anything since,” the story concluded. “I’m annoyed because this isn’t my choice, it’s my in-laws who are being weird about having kids there. Brother took my sister up on her offer so now he and my sister-in-law are coming, but not my actual sister. I just want the day to go smoothly and instead they’re having a go at me.”

AITA? I got mad because my sister bailed on my wedding. It’s in 2 days and she’s the Maid of Honour. from AmItheAsshole

Reddit users seemed to agree that while the fiancé’s family seems kind of insane, the bride-to-be could have handled it better.

“It amazes me sometimes,” said one user, “people’s inability to see something I feel is so clear. She changed the plans last minute, not her sister. She can be upset about it, sure. But she can’t blame the sister, who was very clear from the get-go about needing her son with her.”


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