Bride-To-Be Doesn’t Want Sister as Her Maid of Honor Because She’ll Be Wearing Arm Sling

Turns out wedding photos come before family in this wedding

AITA for not wanting my sister to be in my bridal shower because she’ll be wearing an arm sling from AmItheAsshole

Her sister, 20, had a torn ligament in her elbow from playing sports as a teenager and instead of getting surgery to repair it, she said, the sister kept putting it off and continued to play sports.

“Almost immediately upon me asking my sister to be my maid of honor, she jumped into action on finally getting her elbow surgery,” the future bride wrote.

The bride said she thought her sister would schedule her surgery in advance of the wedding to avoid wearing a sling, however, she instead chose a date just a week before the wedding.

Now she’s concerned her sister’s arm accessory will ruin her wedding.

“Obviously, I want my sister to be pain-free and finally get her surgery. But, like any human being, there is a selfish side of me,” she said.

“I don’t want her to be the maid of honor in my wedding because she’ll be wearing a sling in all of the photos and videos from the wedding.”

The bride-to-be said her family thinks she’s a “horrible person” for considering asking her sister not to be in the wedding.

“I feel as though she could’ve waited after the wedding to get the surgery,” she added. “Considering she’s waited 3 years already, or had enough time to get the surgery in advance of the wedding.”

Reddit users had plenty of thoughts on the wedding dilemma, and most sided with the sister.

“The presence of a sling in your photos bothers you more than the absence of your sister would,” another Reddit user wrote. “This is some textbook bridezilla behavior.”

Another person said, “I pray if you have kids they never have a bad hair or skin day before picture day at school.


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