Sister Mary Jo Sobieck Is Given Her Very Own Baseball Card

Last summer, Sister Mary Jo Sobieck became a viral sensation when she threw a perfect strike at a Chicago White Sox game. Now, a few months later, the nun has been placed on a 2019 Topps baseball card!

Sobieck is a member of the Dominican Sisters of Springfield, Illinois, and last week, she took the time to autograph 260 cards at the collectible’s debut. She then received $1,000 for being on the card, and she immediately donated all of the money to a scholarship fund at Marian Catholic High School, where she teaches.

Sobieck still can’t believe that she’s on a baseball card, saying that seeing her face on a baseball card “is so out there.”

“As a kid and athlete growing up, you always went to the store and bought the baseball cards and bubblegum,” she explained.

Sobieck also said that she sees a lot of parallels between religious life and sports.

“For me, religious life is also a team,” the nun said, adding that it requires “a lot of discipline, a lot of spiritual exercise.”

Sobieck became a viral sensation last summer when she was chosen to throw out the first pitch at a White Sox game because it was Marian Catholic Night at the park. She immediately won herself fans all over the world with her fun personality and a perfect pitch.

Find out more about Sister Mary Jo Sobieck and her baseball card in the video below!


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