Saturday Night Live has a long history of creating memorable and often outrageous sketches that leave audiences in stitches.

One such sketch that had viewers laughing for days was the Thanksgiving dinner with Pocahontas and John Smith.

Melissa Villaseñor played Pocahontas, while Beck Bennett took on the role of John Smith, and they were joined by an ensemble cast including Will Ferrell, Maya Rudolph, and Fred Armisen.

In this hilarious skit, SNL brilliantly blended historical figures with modern-day Thanksgiving traditions, resulting in comedy gold.

The skit opens with Pocahontas (Melissa Villaseñor) welcoming her boyfriend, John Smith (Beck Bennett), to her family’s Thanksgiving dinner. The humor begins immediately as John Smith, dressed in his historical attire, is completely out of place in the modern-day setting.

Pocahontas introduces John to her family, played by comedy veterans Will Ferrell, Maya Rudolph, and Fred Armisen. The chemistry between the cast is electric, and their comedic timing is impeccable.

One of the central themes of the sketch is the cultural clash between the historical John Smith and Pocahontas’ contemporary family. John’s archaic language and manners are a stark contrast to the family’s modern sensibilities. This disconnect leads to numerous humorous moments as John struggles to understand and adapt to the unfamiliar customs of a modern Thanksgiving dinner.

John Smith’s fish-out-of-water moments are a recurring source of laughter throughout the sketch. From attempting to use a smartphone to trying to comprehend the concept of a television remote control, John’s befuddlement with modern technology provides a steady stream of comedic gems.

Beck Bennett’s performance as John Smith perfectly captures the character’s bewilderment and awkwardness in the modern world.

Maya Rudolph’s character, in particular, stands out in this sketch. She plays Pocahontas’ sassy and opinionated sister, who can’t resist poking fun at John Smith’s outdated attire and mannerisms. Rudolph’s sharp wit and comedic delivery add an extra layer of humor to the skit, making her character a memorable highlight.

Will Ferrell plays Pocahontas’ dad, and his performance is classic Ferrell. He brings his trademark over-the-top physical comedy and absurdity to the table, creating uproarious moments as he tries to bond with John Smith in increasingly bizarre ways.

Ferrell’s ability to commit fully to his character’s quirks is a testament to his comedic talent.

Fred Armisen rounds out the ensemble as Pocahontas’ quirky cousin, who seems to exist in a world of his own. Armisen’s offbeat humor and off-kilter interactions with John Smith provide yet another layer of comedic complexity to the sketch.

SNL’s Thanksgiving dinner with Pocahontas and John Smith is a prime example of the show’s ability to take historical figures and place them in absurd and hilarious situations. The sketch succeeds in delivering laugh-out-loud moments through its witty writing and the stellar performances of its cast members.

Melissa Villaseñor, Beck Bennett, Maya Rudolph, Will Ferrell, and Fred Armisen’s comedic chemistry is on full display, making this sketch a must-watch for anyone in need of a good laugh. So, if you’re looking for a dose of historical humor with a modern twist, this SNL skit is sure to deliver the Thanksgiving laughs you need.


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