This year, Mark Harmon quit NCIS after an unprecedented 423 episodes. Leroy Jethro Gibbs’s last episode aired in the middle of October, leaving fans heartbroken.

Harmon hasn’t determined what’s next for him, but he hasn’t closed the door on coming back to the show either. He is now interested in devoting more time to his family, who were instrumental in helping him get the NCIS role.

It has just been revealed that before filming his last episode of NCIS, Mark Harmon made a very specific request.

Fans of NCIS are shocked by the one request Mark Harmon made before his last episode

Mark Harmon was born in Burbank, California on September 2, 1951. His father, Tom Harmon, was a football player-turned-broadcaster, and his mother, Elyse Know, was an artist and actor, so it was reasonable to think that he would follow in either of their creative footsteps.

Early Work by Mark Harmon Harmon has said that he was unaware of his parents’ celebrity status when he was a child.

He often accompanied his father to games when he worked as a broadcaster when he was a kid. Years later, Mark’s father would once again be in good graces as he watched his son play quarterback for the UCLA Bruins.

Mark may have a future in football if he wanted to. But he had higher ambitions; he wanted to work in the theater or movies. His sister-in-law’s marriage to music artist Ricky Nelson brought him closer to his in-laws.

At the time, Ricky was playing the role of Ozzie on the TV show The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet. Later, while Nelson was producing the spin-off series Ozzie’s Girls, Harmon was called in to replace an absent cast member.

Mark shadowed Ricky as he explored the set in an effort to learn the ropes. He became completely enamored with the field after this event.

Fans of NCIS are shocked by the one request Mark Harmon made before his last episode

Telling Parade, “That changed my course,” he said. First acting gig After realizing that he would never make it as a professional football player, Harmon switched gears and focused on acting.

Harmon claimed that some of his colleagues went on to play professionally, earning more in a year than he would in the subsequent 15 years combined. However, the ambitious actor decided to return to school.

He decided to pursue acting and quickly found work in both cinema and television. Some of the performers he worked with and eventually looked up to were Michael Caine and Jaso Robards.

“They were all humble; they all gave me valuable time and camaraderie and advice,” he said.

Mark’s big break came when the drama started. Elsewhere cast him as a series regular after he had already established himself in roles on other shows including 240 Robert and Flamingo Road and made guest appearances on The Love Boat.

Mark’s acting skills quickly rose to prominence, and he began landing more and more roles. Then, after 15–20 years in the industry, it all started to seem like too much. There was a pivotal moment in Harmon’s life when he made a decision that would alter his whole future.

Fans of NCIS are shocked by the one request Mark Harmon made before his last episode

He admitted that his absence from his expanding family was “not OK,” explaining that he had been “directing a lot” and “doing a movie here and there” when his children were still little.

Gibbs, Leroy Jethro, in ‘NCIS’ Despite his notoriety, Mark was passing up opportunities that might have made his life richer.

My eldest kid took his first steps when I was in the jungles of New Guinea filming a bad movie. “No job is worth missing out on the meaningful moments in life,” he remarked.

Harmon stepped aside so he could spend more time with his loved ones. The screenplay for NCIS, a program about the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, arrived at his house around that time.

Harmon like the often hilarious writing and found himself particularly taken with the character of Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

A name change occurred briefly when he became interested in executing the job: “For a moment, when I started getting interested in doing it, the name changed to Bob Nelson or something,” he said.

The first episode of NCIS aired on CBS in September of 2003. The show’s popularity exploded once it finally became widely known.

NCIS quickly rose to prominence as a worldwide phenomenon, attracting millions of viewers every week.

Fans of NCIS are shocked by the one request Mark Harmon made before his last episode

The Hollywood Reporter claims that it has been picked up in over 200 countries and has inspired other spinoffs at CBS, including as NCIS: New Orleans, NCIS: Los Angeles, and NCIS: Hawaii.

Walking through airports is challenging. Three Primetime Emmy nominations and various other accolades have been bestowed upon the series throughout the years.

For his own work, Harmon received many nominations and won the People’s Choice Award for Favorite TV Crime Drama Actor in 2017.

Harmon was confused as to how NCIS managed to become one of the most viewed series on television.

“I don’t. No, you can’t. In 2017, he told TV Insider, “The international reach is staggering.” Even at the most remote airports, you’re certain to run upon fans of the programme, which is certainly nothing for which to be ungrateful.

I’ve walked through airports while apologizing on TV. Mark was not only one of the most prominent performers on the programme, but he was also well-liked by his coworkers, as seen by the fact that numerous of them have publicly praised him.

Now, he reportedly broke up with Pauley Perrette, who played Abby Sciuto on the program. Harmon’s co-star, though, Sean Murray, had nothing but praise for him.

Fans of NCIS are shocked by the one request Mark Harmon made before his last episode

Sean, who plays Timothy McGee, and his coworker have clearly spent a great deal of time together over the years, as seen by the closeness of their friendship.

Mark Harmon’s co-stars share his praises. McGee and Gibbs’ connection “has always been like that of a father-son thing,” he said of future episodes, “but we’ll be exploring that quite a bit and see how that’s changed and grown.”

While Sean told Inquirer, “the bond doesn’t stop when the cameras aren’t rolling” for him. Regarding Mark, he is both a guide and a close friend.

I would rate her as one of the top coworkers I’ve ever had. I care about him a great deal. He has the leadership characteristics that have helped shape the program into what it is today.

His position on the team is that of quarterback. The same was true for Harmon and David McCallum. The two had a good laugh during their first encounter.

Harmon was reportedly the one star-struck upon first meeting McCallum. In 2003, they shared screen time on an episode of JAG.

Harmon joked that he couldn’t believe he was shaking the hand of Illya Kuryakin, McCallum’s character on Man from U.N.C.L.E., since he was so pleased to see McCallum.

Fans of NCIS are shocked by the one request Mark Harmon made before his last episode

Executive producer Steven D. Binder recalls Harmon remarking, “I can’t imagine I’m shaking the hand of Illya Kuryakin.

The humorous response from McCallum was, “Good God, man, that was 40 years ago!” Exit of ‘NCIS’ star Mark Harmon Mark has appeared on NCIS for a grand total of 423 episodes.

But it seems like the end has arrived. His last episode as Leroy Jethro Gibbs aired on October 9. CBS Entertainment President Kelly Kahl has confirmed the news in an interview with Deadline.

“Mark’s always been a part of the show, and Mark’s always going to be a part of the show,” he said to Deadline. We’ll have to wait and watch what happens with his airtime in the future.

Since Gary Cole became a series regular to play Special Agent Park, rumors have circulated that Harmon would be departing the programme.

While Harmon is no longer a part of NCIS, showrunner and executive producer Steven D. Binder has not closed the door on his possible comeback.

When asked about the show’s guiding principle, he responded, “Staying true to our characters has always been our north star.”

Fans of NCIS are shocked by the one request Mark Harmon made before his last episode

“So, as longtime viewers of the program may have seen throughout the years, Gibbs’ future is uncertain. Leroy Jethro Gibbs should never be written off.

A last request from Harmon before ‘NCIS’ ended Many people were taken aback by Mark Harmon’s unexpected departure from NCIS.

The renowned actor, it turns out, didn’t want his departure to be a big deal. Therefore, it was unexpected by viewers, who were not given any indication that the episode airing in mid-October would be his character’s last appearance.

Apparently this was supposed to happen. An ET insider claims that Harmon didn’t want his departure from NCIS to be a big deal.

He asked the network not to promote it, saying it was “crucial — especially with social media — that any hint of a twist be omitted.”

Mark is able to spend more time with his loved ones these days, and whether he wants to stick with acting or try his hand at something else is still up in the air.

Several media publications report that his Culver City, California-based production business, Wings Productions, is working on further projects.

Fans of NCIS are shocked by the one request Mark Harmon made before his last episode

However, he may find that new doors are opening in his professional life. Do you see yourself working as a carpenter someday?

In an interview with Men’s Journal, Harmon said that he probably would have become a carpenter if he hadn’t gone into acting. To no avail, he even applied for jobs in the industry.

“I looked forward to doing it every morning; I liked my commute to work. It was all about the goods and the correct thing to do for myself.

The project will outlive you if you accomplished it well, as Mark Harmon put it. “[Carpentry] is still fun for me, but if I weren’t doing [acting], I definitely would have tried to go back into it.

I went to work for an advertising agency for about four years. About seven months ago, I was promoted to a position as a national sales rep for a shoe firm, so you could say I was a shoe salesperson.

We will always appreciate Mark Harmon’s outstanding work as NCIS’s Leroy Jethro Gibbs. And we’ll never give up hope that he’ll return for another episode.

However, he should take some time off to relax and enjoy his life for the time being. If you want to show your respect for Mark Harmon, please share this post on Facebook with your friends and family.

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