In an unexpected turn of events that can only be compared to finding a salad on the menu at a Guy Fieri restaurant, the Mayor of Flavortown himself canceled country music superstar Garth Brooks’ standing reservation over the recent Bud Light-Dylan Mulvaney controversy.

Dylan Mulvaney, the renowned trans influencer and now the newest face of Bud Light, has been the cause célèbre of a beer storm, with numerous conservative pundits and country music stars, including Garth Brooks, voicing their disapproval of Bud Light’s spokesperson choice. The situation has frothed over to the point where Brooks reportedly replaced his backstage Bud Light rider with PBR.

In response to the controversy, Fieri, the culinary King of Donkey Sauce, decided to go beerless. He announced during a recent episode of “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives” filmed at his flagship restaurant, “There’s no Bud Light here!” Despite the fact that his bar was previously lit up like a Christmas tree with neon Bud Light signs, Fieri made it clear, “Garth’s reservation is as gone as a veggie burger in Flavortown.”

The subsequent uproar from the cancelation of Brooks’ reservation has surpassed the outrage triggered by the addition of a kale salad to Fieri’s menu last year. Fieri fans are left wondering if their leader has lost his taste for deep-fried controversy.

The Bud Light company, keen to respond, issued a statement claiming their beer to be “the perfect accompaniment for all non-transphobic country stars.” The company then announced a new ad campaign featuring a lineup of diverse influencers enjoying Bud Light, no cowboy hats in sight.

Meanwhile, Garth Brooks has remained relatively tight-lipped about the issue, only responding with a vague tweet: “Used to sing about friends in low places, guess I’ll have to sing about friends with no Bud Light.”

As for Dylan Mulvaney, the eye of this hoppy storm, they’re utilizing the publicity to bring more awareness to trans issues. They’re now reportedly collaborating with Lady Gaga on a new track titled “Born This Brew.”

Back in Flavortown, Fieri is dealing with the backlash in his signature style. He’s announced a new menu at his restaurant – a spectacular act of culinary defiance – featuring “Bud-less Buffalo Wings,” “No Brooks Ribs,” and a dessert called “Donkey Sauce Dissent.”

Still, Fieri’s decision has sent shockwaves through the nation’s dive bars. Some loyal patrons have started a petition to bring back Bud Light to Flavortown, while others have been inspired to stage a ‘Fieri-out’ in support of Mulvaney.

The tale serves as a reminder of the old adage that you should never mix beer and politics, or was it beer and music? Either way, it’s a brave new world when a celebrity chef can stir up more drama than a trans influencer or a country music legend. And as always, the only thing certain in Flavortown is that no salad will ever upstage a good old juicy burger – unless it’s paired with a Bud Light.

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