Once again, Keanu proves he’s a gentleman.

There’s nothing you wouldn’t love about the one and only, Keanu Reeves.

A seasoned award-winning actor, a charitable person, a down-to-Earth human being, a true gentleman, and one of the most humble (if not the most) Hollywood stars to have ever existed, Keanu has it all! Who would dare throw dirt on this guy’s reputation? Perhaps, he is the only actor who never had even a single critic or basher, isn’t he?

He’s been filming high-quality movies way back since 1985, and he has kept his passion burning through the years. But apart from his charisma and impeccable acting skills, Reeves was also known for his humility and humane treatment not only towards his co-stars but also towards his fans all around the globe.

Who would forget his viral video on a subway?

Well, if you haven’t seen it yet, you better start looking for that video where Reeves can be seen riding the subway train. The video shows the now 57 years old actor minding his own business on a Metro train where people come and go. Then at a station stop, people came in, and when he saw a woman standing next to him, he immediately offered his seat, which the woman gladly accepted.

Thankfully, a passenger seemed to know him and was discreetly filming him. His kind act was caught on camera and immediately made rounds all around the world. He truly is a man of class!

He also protected his co-star, Winona Ryder, during a film set.

According to Ryder herself, when they were filming their 1992 film ‘Dracula’, Winona Ryder was supposed to be crying but couldn’t pull off the right emotions. To make her cry, the film’s director started screaming insults at her and even convinced the other stars, including Reeves, to do the same; however, he refused to do it.

There were also videos before showing Reeves being greeted by his fans at the airport and asking to take pictures with him. Never have we seen him disrespecting fans and even paparazzi; he was such a collected and calm human being.

In a Tweet posted by user @_TertiumQuid, photos of Reeves with women once again proved how gentleman he truly was around his fans, particularly ladies. On a post, the Twitter user wrote, “Lol Keanu ain’t taking no chances”, alongside it were photos of Keanu together with females.

The common denominator among the photos was that the Hollywood actor wasn’t touching the ladies. His hand, instead of being wrapped around the women’s shoulder or hip, was hanging mid-air. Even the Hall of Famer and award-winning country music legend Dolly Patron wasn’t an exception.

Keanu Reeves applauded by fans after noticing he doesn't touch women in photos

However, a lot of people believed that Reeves was only trying to avoid getting caught in the #MeToo movement wherein personalities like Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey had received accusations involving sexual misconduct.

Keanu Reeves applauded by fans after noticing he doesn't touch women in photos

Either way, there is still a lot about Keanu that we should love, like when he hung out with a homeless man, agreed to pay his own cut to give way to other actors, had once given a struggling worker on the set of ‘The Matrix’ a Christmas bonus worth $20,000, and was never a fan of using his influence to gain an advantage over normal people.

Keanu Reeves applauded by fans after noticing he doesn't touch women in photos
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