Ronald Reagan was a different breed of politician. That was never more clear than when the future President roasted Frank Sinatra when he was Man of the Hour for a Dean Martin Celebrity Roast in 1978 .

Ronald Reagan’s Humor Shines At Dean Martin Celebrity Roast

Reagan had a terrific sense of humor and never took himself too seriously. Maybe that’s because his main job wasn’t politics, but entertainment.

That sense of humor really showed through during this infamous 1978 Dean Martin Celebrity Roast.

The Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts might be the best thing the ever aired on television.

They were must attend events for A-List celebrities of the day. The biggest stars wanted to attend. They were must see TV.

Decades later, these rip roaring roasts are still so fun to watch as the humor held up.

Ronald Reagan Roasts Man Of The Hour Frank Sinatra

The stars weren’t there to pat each other on the back like today’s awards shows. The whole point was to tell jokes at the honoree’s expense.

This was back when people could take a joke and laugh at themselves, even Frank Sinatra!

Imagine someone of Frank Sinatra’s magnitude sitting in the hot seat now.

Nobody felt too important to attend a Celebrity Roast. Not the Chairman of the Board.

Not even Ronald Reagan, who by that point had served as Governor of California and two years later would be elected our 40th president.

While roasting Sinatra, Reagan mentioned his own political career and how Frank helped out with campaigning.

These two were old friends and that came shining through.

“I think Frank Sinatra would be a fine president,” Reagan quips to laughter. “But I don’t know if we could get him to run. Is it worth it if you have to give up being a king?”

What’s incredibly special about this performance is how much different Reagan is from today’s politicians.

The Gipper didn’t get political. He didn’t preach or even campaign.

He was there to have fun and this was about Frank Sinatra, not Reagan.

Watch the video below for a good laugh at Frank Sinatra’s expense, courtesy of Ronald Reagan.

Don Rickles Roasts The Gipper

Comedians were able to be hilarious without even swearing and everyone dressed sharp. It was an honor to be there and we were given a gift by being able to watch it on our televisions.

In 1973, Reagan was the Man of the Hour himself when he was the sitting Governor of California.

The future president showed that he certainly was able to laugh at himself, even when Mr. Warmth, Don Rickles comically skewered him.

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