Princess Anne, the only daughter of Queen Elizabeth, is celebrating her 71st birthday today. To mark the occasion, royal expert Nick Bullen is speaking out about what a hard working person she is.

“Princess Anne is a fascinating and beloved character in Britain,” Bullen told Fox News.

“She’s probably the hardest-working member of the royal family who takes on the most engagements,” he added. “She’s survived a kidnapping, she participated in the Olympics. She also gained an international fan base thanks to ‘The Crown,’ on Netflix, which has portrayed her as strong-willed but overshadowed by her brothers. Her story is a great one worthy of being told.”

Bullen, who has worked with Anne in the past, explained that she has devoted her life to service rather than celebrity.

“I’ve been lucky to film Princess Anne a few times and she is absolutely fantastic,” he said. “I believe she’s learned so much from her parents, particularly from her father. She’s learned that you can be a working royal and support all of your charities and patronages without becoming a celebrity. She’s never been caught in the middle of fame. She’s never cared for celebrity. And I believe that’s what people admire the most about her.”

“For Anne, she just has a job to do,” Bullen continued. “The key thing about her is that she’s never thought of herself as someone special. In fact, she’s slightly surprised why people would be interested in her. In her eyes, she’s just a civil servant working for her country, doing what needs to be done for the country. And to her, it’s a job, not star status. And it’s a job she does very well.”

Bullen went on to say that Anne has managed to dodge the glaring media spotlight because once she’s done with any royal engagements, she retreats back home, away from cameras.

“She goes back to her farm,” said Bullen. “She rides her horses, spends private time with her family. You never see pictures of Anne on the beaches or nightclubs or dare I say, staging birthday messages. She’s not one to court headlines or gain PR around the world. She doesn’t care for that. Once her job is done, she goes back to the privacy of her home, which she prefers.”

Bullen also said that people would be surprised by how “down to earth” Anne really is, despite her royal status.

“We filmed with her on her estate in the country with the other horses,” he recalled. “She’s out in the fields wearing old jeans, an old jacket, a headscarf and not much makeup. You see her walking her dogs across the fields. She’s very straightforward and easy to talk to. She’s the queen’s only daughter, but she’s also just a country woman at heart. That truly surprised me the most.”

“We were interviewing her about the younger members of the royal family and she stressed the importance of learning from their history,” Bullen continued. “She said, ‘As a family, we like evolution, not revolution.’ I thought that was very clever. The younger royals can benefit from listening to her.”

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