A royal expert is speaking out this week to claim that Prince Charles “has been very hurt over the last few months” over claims made by his son Prince Harry.

“I do know from people close to him that he has been very hurt over the last few months about all the revelations,” royal expert Nick Bullen told Fox News. “I think it’s pretty telling that when Clarence House released their annual report in the summer, they made it very clear that they were funding Harry and [his wife] Meghan [Markle] after their departure.”

“It’s very rare that the royal households complain and explain, but they most certainly explained this time,” he continued. “Harry alleged that after they stepped down, they were immediately cut off financially. But Clarence House turned around and basically said, ‘No, that’s not true. Harry was receiving money until the summer.’ So I think that in itself is pretty telling about how people [in the palace] feel about what’s going on.”

Bullen went on to explain that he has worked with Charles in the past, and that he really likes him.

“I am an enormous fan of the Prince of Wales,” said Bullen. “I’ve been lucky enough to film with him on quite a number of occasions. I’ve spent time with him privately. He is incredibly hardworking. He is a man who puts duty above absolutely everything else. And he wants to make a difference… He’s been dedicated to helping the young, disadvantaged children of Britain. He’s hugely passionate about the environment, sustainability and organic farming. He wants to support our local farmers.”

“For over 60 years, he has put his head down and carved out a role that would make a difference long before he ever becomes king,” he added. “This isn’t a man waiting around to be crowned. This is a man who is using his role, his position, his platform to make a difference not just for his country, but for the world. He knows that will be harder to do when he becomes king. So he wants to do it now. And he’s doing it very effectively.”

Bullen then said that he was shocked to hear that Harry was writing a memoir that is due to be released next year, adding that “people within the palace have concerns” about it.

“I think most people felt that the Oprah interview and the subsequent documentaries were enough,” he explained. “Enough has been said. Do we really need a book going into more detail? Will this really help his relationship with the family? So I was personally surprised.”

“I thought enough has been said, but if you’ve been offered a $20 million publishing deal or so, I guess you’ve got to deliver on that,” Bullen stated. “But I’m also shocked by the timing. Next year is the queen’s Jubilee year, an incredibly important year for the queen. Every member of the royal family is ensuring that the year is about the queen. And I just think that this book, in many ways, could have a detrimental impact on the year.”

Bullen believes that the book may come out sooner than expected out of respect for the queen, who is known for having a close relationship with her grandson.

“If there’s going to be more revelations, let’s rip off the plastic quickly and get it out,” said Bullen. “There are concerns from all sides. Nobody quite knows what’s going to be said, especially after the Oprah interview. And of course, many people are concerned this book will overshadow the queen’s Jubilee, which is supposed to be her time. Even if the book is relatively tame, it’s going to be widely covered by the press for weeks. And those headlines could be pretty damaging and pretty harmful for all involved.”

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