Last month, “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson delivered the eulogy at the funeral of ZZ Top bassist Dusty Hill, who passed away in July at the age of 72.

On Wednesday’s episode of his “Unashamed” podcast, Robertson explained that Hill’s wife had asked him to speak because ZZ Top has a deep connection to the Robertson family through the band’s record, “Sharp Dressed Man,” which became the “Duck Dynasty” theme song.

“I pointed to the casket where the body, the tent of Dusty was and I pointed to it,” Robertson said as he explained the Bible passage he recited. “When Jesus shows up, he’s bringing Dusty back with all the rest of them and they’re going to be reunited with a resurrected body and they will live forever.”

“I just gave them that text,” he added. “So I spoke, Willie was there right before me. I thought Willie did a good job. They asked him to do it.”

Hill’s wife had told Robertson that he died “out of the blue.” Robertson also talked about catching up with ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons, 71, whom he joked with about “getting old.”

“He and the drummer are the last ones standing – I told Gibbons, ‘Let’s face it, dude – we’re getting old,’” Robertson said, adding that he and Gibbons had fun reminiscing about when the band “came down here on two tour busses and they requested that we have squirrel.”

“They wanted squirrel for dinner,” he continued. “I said, ‘Well we got some rock and rollers here and we’re going to have some squirrel here,’ so that’s the last time I saw him.”

While Robertson said that “Sharp Dressed Man” was not played at the funeral, he told his sons Al and Jase, “when I pass on, it’ll be up to you two – I wouldn’t mind it if you throw on a little ZZ Top in there.”

“I’d rather have that than a church choir,” he continued. “Make a note, when I’m gone – put ZZ Top in there. I mean, I just it’s a connection there.”

Jase and Al opened up as well about the legacy of “Duck Dynasty” as it relates to ZZ Top.

“You have this song and then when people hear that song, they think of our show and then here years later, you’re down there at one of the ZZ Top members’ – at his funeral sharing what you shared, I just think that’s just crazy to me,” said Jase.

“It’s a divine appointment,” Al added. “Because you’re right, there’s no way more than likely we would have ever met those guys had we not had that connection with the show. But because of the few times we spent with them, obviously, there was an influence so much that somebody said, ‘You know, I want those guys to come speak when I pass on.”

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