A man who recently purchased a home in southern Italy discovered an unusual tunnel system beneath the barn.

“Bought a house in the South of Italy and found the entrance to a tunnel system in the barn.

While the entrance seems to be newer, the tunnels literally are carved out by hand. It is cold in the tunnel, humidity is 99%, and there are some alcoves all couple of meters.

There is a second underground floor, although I could not get down there because I need someone to properly belay me. Nobody was able to tell me what these caves were used for. Will put some gear down there to turn the humidity into water for my olive trees.

Maybe someone reading this has seen something like that before and knows what those tunnels were used for in the past. I can exclude wine storage for the humidity would destroy the barrels. Also not for food for the same reason.”

He continued with his update:

“A friend just came by and belayed me, so I was able to go down to the second underground floor.

Going down, the tunnel is first only about 1.6 meters high. It gets about six meters down, then there is a pond. There, the tunnel opens up and is about 2.5 meters high, two or three meters wide. It makes a turn to the left. In this turn, there is another stair going down another 8 meters before turning to the right. There was no way to go down there with the equipment I had (and, to be honest: lack of courage).

After the curve, the tunnel continues. I walked about 10 meters, then parts of the ceiling have collapsed. This must be at the place where my house is. In the light of my torch, I saw that the tunnel continues further than I could see.

Tried to film all of it, however, having a stick in one hand, trying not to fall and sometimes filming into the dark while looking in another direction didn’t really help the quality of the filming…

But will post some screenshots later.

Also explored the first floor. Lots of bats, two – obviously newer – air shafts. But still no hint as for what it could have been used.

One guy said the tunnels were part of an subterranean aequaduct.”

He also stated that he will be acquiring a drone this week to pursue his research and will provide updates. Keep an eye out!

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