Royal experts are speaking out this week to claim that Kate Middleton “tried as much as possible to help [Meghan Markle] as she entered the royal fray.”

The Express reported that Kate tried to mentor Meghan when they first met one another.

“By all accounts in those early months, she did reach out to Meghan,” said the filmmaker and broadcaster Bidisha. Royal expert Emily Andrews agreed, saying, “she said she could put her in touch with any fashion designers she knew. Kate did try as much as possible to help Meghan as she entered the royal fray.”

“Kate, of course, then invited Meghan to Wimbledon with her,” added royal expert Katie Nicholl. “They went to the polo together.”

“Apparently Kate also school Meghan in some of those English conventions, which you may not think about as an arriving American,” Bidisha continued. “What are all those unspoken rules that you need to follow when you’re a royal? That makes me think that when it’s her time to be the Queen, she herself is going to be kind and warm and opening to successive generations.”

This comes after one royal expert said that Kate and Prince William are winning their PR war against Meghan and Prince Harry.

“I am not heavily invested in the royal dramas but I find it interesting which side’s publicity team is looking to who,” royal commentator Kyle Gillies told The Express. “And who has the media onside. That is really the crux of who comes out looking like the good guy and who comes out as the bad guy. At the moment William and Kate are winning by 10 goals.”

“I think Meghan did come in and she probably with her American way was very ‘let’s get this done’ and then maybe upset the apple cart,” the royal expert added. “Maybe some of William’s staff did take exception to it. I tend to believe, William got put off slightly, then confronted Harry. Harry of course is going to defend Meghan.”

Harry and William are set to reunite this week for the unveiling of a statue at Kensington Palace dedicated to their late mother Princess Diana. While sources say that the brothers will “put on a brave face,” a reconciliation is not expected.

“But the idea that this can all be forgiven and forgotten… it’s going to take a lot longer than a couple of days,” said one source.

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