Fans are praying for the Hollywood star Ashley Judd after she was rushed to a hospital in Africa following a serious accident that got her sent to the intensive care unit.

The 52 year-old actress was traveling in the Congo region of Africa when the accident occurred. Judd said from her hospital bed that she is “in an ICU trauma unit in beautiful South Africa, which has taken me in from the Congo: a country I deeply love which is not, unfortunately, equipped to deal with massive catastrophic injuries like I have had.”

“And the difference between a Congolese person and me is disaster insurance that allowed me 55 hours after my accident to get to an operating table in South Africa,” Judd continued as she spoke to a New York Times reporter on Instagram Live.

She went on to talk about the Congolese people’s “lack of” access to “a simple pill to kill the pain when you’ve shattered a leg in four places and have nerve damage.”

Judd then talked about how exactly this accident happened, that she tripped over a fallen tree and broke her leg after a faulty headlamp made it difficult for her to see during one excursion. She said that the next 55 hours were “incredibly harrowing,” and that the ordeal “started with five hours of lying on the forest floor” with one of her colleagues until she was able to be evacuated.

“With his leg under my badly misshapen leg, biting my stick,” she said as she held up the piece of wood. “Howling like a wild animal.”

In the fifth hour, someone was finally able to get there and reshape Judd’s bones, but by then she was “going into shock” and “passing out” due to the pain. She then “an hour and a half in a hammock, being carried out of the rainforest by my Congolese brothers, who were doing it barefoot, up and over hills, through the river” to make it back to their camp.

Once there, Judd rode on a motorcycle for six hours to get to her next destination, with one person driving and one behind her holding her up. After spending the night “in a hut” in the city of Jolu, Judd was flown to the capital of Kinshasa to stay for 24 hours before finally being flown down to South Africa, where she was treated in an ICU in that country.

“I’m in a lot of love. I’m in a lot of compassion and I’m in a lot of gratitude,” Judd said. “I thank everyone for their thoughts and their prayers and their support.”


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