Olivia Newton-John, a singer who is best known for starring in the movie Grease, is currently battling cancer for the fourth time. In a new interview, the 72 year-old opened up to reveal the “emotional” reason she performed her new song “Window in the Wall” as a duet with her 35 year-old daughter, Chloe Lattanzi.

Newton-John told Entertainment Tonight that she “really had not planned on recording again,” she changed her mind after being sent the song by a very special person.

“This one woman who I met at a health clinic sent me a song and says, ‘I have been called to send this song to you. I believe you need to record it. It was written by my cousin,'” Newton-John remembered. “I thought, ‘Oh gosh, what if I hate it?'”

It turns out that Newton-John had no reason to fear, as she and her husband, John Easterling, “became really emotional because the lyrics really hit us.”  Once she decided that she just “had to record” the song, she knew exactly who she wanted to perform it with her.

“The only person I thought of was Chloe to sing it with me, because it was such a personal song,” Newton-John explained. “Luckily she agreed. It is not really her genre of music, but it was a very special thing to do it with her.”

“I was honored that out of all the people my mom could have asked, she asked me,” Lattanzi added. “That meant the world to me.”

Newton-John found that performing the duet with her daughter was “a very special healing process” for her, and she hopes it will have a similar impact on fans who listen to the song.

“When I heard the song for the first time, it touched my heart because it is about seeing another person’s point of view and still loving them and understanding them,” she said. “In this particular time in the world, it is the perfect message, to have compassion for each other and friendship for each other in this very unusual time on the planet.”

“We are all so connected and we need to value that connectiveness, not our divisiveness,” Newton-John continued. “Just to share in the love, because we are all here at this time together on the planet, and we are all one.”

Newton-John and Lattanzi also filmed a music video for the song, and it was shot in the singer’s California home over the course of one day.

“In the bottom of our property, we have a seasonal river… We’re lucky that was running at this particular time,” Newton-John said. “[The] synchronicity was amazing. The whole synchronicity of how I found the song, how the river was running, how we had one of the warmest days we’d ever had in the winter to film it on. It was just like, everything is perfect.”

Though Newton-John is unsure about what she’ll do with her career in the future, she said that she is “doing really well” and feels “great” physically amidst her latest cancer battle.

“I have to thank my husband so much for how I feel, because he’s been growing medicinal cannabis on our property. He has a laboratory here to find the best strains for what I’m going through. It’s helped me so very much. Amazonian her plants that I take [help] as well,” she said. “We started a foundation, The Olivia Newton-John Foundation Fund, to raise money to fund research to study plant medicine for cancer. That is our mission.”

“I’m feeling so well,” Newton-John concluded. “I’m very, very grateful.”

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