Guys… if your girlfriend starts to cry because you’re telling her the world is going to end… KNOCK IT OFF.

One Reddit is being blasted for giving his girlfriend a “panic attack” after randomly explaining a potentially fiery fate for planet Earth – and making the rest of us wonder how we’re still single…

Redditor Kortanak recently confessed that he sent his girlfriend into hysterics while discussing a dark end to life as we know it, in a now-viral post that’s received over 43,000 upvotes and 5,800 comments.

TIFU by telling my girlfriend the endgame of solar system, causing her to have a panic attack from tifu

During a recent video call, the couple got to chatting about the different kinds of stars in the sky and the sun then things took a turn for the worse.

He said, “I told my girlfriend the sun will eventually burn out, swallowing Earth in the process and eliminating all life, causing her to have a panic attack and cry before bed.”

This argument sent the girlfriend into a “panic attack” and made her cry “for about five minutes straight” as she worried about the fate of humanity and our collective existence.

“Now I’m here, typing this up and trying to get her to relax at the same time by explaining how we are a relatively young species and have a long time to figure out a game plan, though I’m not sure if any of it is really helping,” Kortanak wrote, seeking advice on how to save the situation.

What do you think he did wrong, if anything?

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