A hilarious video is going viral this week showing a pack of bears break into a cabin in Gatlinburg, Tennessee and make away with pounds of candy.

The footage shows four bears ransack a cabin, stealing candy and beer as the human occupants of the home looked on in shock. The incident, which took place on Friday, was filmed by the two terrified women who were renting the abode. They managed to hide on the second floor while the bears searched the home for whatever food items they could find.

Michelle Eberhart told CNN that she was chatting with her female friend while their husband were out playing golf when a bear suddenly opened the cabin’s locked door and forced its way in.

“She just looked up, and she was kind of making some motion and I couldn’t figure out what was going on,” Michelle recalled. “So I kind of moved a little bit and saw what she was freaking out about.”

The terrified women managed to run upstairs and hide in a bedroom as the bear started going through the first floor of the home. As they looked out the window, Michelle and her friend saw three other bears hanging out on the porch.

She went on to say that though she could not get a clear view of what was happening, she thinks another bear came inside at one point as well. It was clear from the noise the bears were making that they were being very active downstairs.

“It knocked over the trash, it knocked over a book, and it destroyed a couple of decks of cards and it scratched up a lot of stuff. There were scratches on walls and the floor,” Michelle said.

In the end, Michelle said that the bears left with five pounds of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, a pound of M&M’s, two pounds of Sour Patch Kids, two bags of potato chips, a tub of peanut butter pretzels and two bags of Dove salted caramel candy. On top of that, they took took two beers, two Diet Cokes and some of her allergy medicine.

Finally, Michelle called the people she had rented the cabin from, who phoned the police. When officers arrived at the cabin and opened the door, the bear ran out of the house and jumped off the balcony, and cops were quickly able to shoo away the other three.

Michelle, her husband, and their friends decided to go through with spending the rest of the weekend at the cabin. After their friends left on Monday, Michelle said she saw eleven bears, and they heard one trying to get into the house early on Tuesday morning.

“I did not sleep at all. It was very nerve-wracking,” she said.

Michelle added that she and her husband decided then and there to get up early and drive home to Indiana. We’re not experts, but that sounds like it was probably a good idea!

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