A video is going viral this week showing a disabled man get out of his wheelchair to save the life of a kitten who had become stuck in a drain.

Abu Fathiyyaturahma Menk Abdun Mujtahid, a 30 year-old Paralympic athlete, was out with a friend near the Kota Kinabalu Sports Complex in Malaysia when they spotted the kitten struggling to hold onto a concrete barrier. Without hesitating, Abu got out of his wheelchair and rushed to rescue the animal.

Abu knew that he was also risking his own life to save the kitten, but that did not stop him from going above and beyond to get the kitten to safety. Reaching his arm down, Abu managed to grab the terrified kitten. Thankfully, the kitten was not hurt and instead was just scared and confused. It walked away as soon as Abu put it back on the grass.

The rescue was caught on camera by Abu’s friend, who is a paralympic athlete with a prosthetic leg. The footage has quickly gone viral, with social media users from all over the world praising Abu for what he did.

“We saw the kitten stuck there and knew we could not leave it. I decided to get the kitten myself because it would be more dangerous for my friend who uses prosthetic legs,” Abu said afterwards. “The banks of the drain were steep parts and is not level, so it was difficult to negotiate. But I’m glad we could help the cat. ‘It was already a little wet from falling in the dirty drainage water when we saw it.”

“I hope the kitten has learned his lesson and stays away from danger,” he added.

Watch the rescue in the video below.

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