Geoship is an eco-friendly architectural company in Seattle, Washington that just came up with a design that many are saying is the perfect way to protect millions from the huffing and puffing of today’s harsh weather conditions.

Over the past ten years, people everywhere have been looking for more affordable housing options. However, many have questioned whether the “tiny house movement” can offer people a way to be protected from storms while still maintaining sustainability, community, and a true sense of belonging to a place. Morgan Bierschenk, a young engineer, found himself asking these questions when he returned to the U.S. to build himself a house after spending years traveling the world.

As he began using reclaimable materials to build a house, Morgan started questioning the basic premise of it.

“Why we’re still pounding nails in wood, like people were doing 100 years ago,” he said.

He then started questioning why houses were still designed with right angles and whether there was a better way to do it. That’s how Morgan turned to the architectural revolution of the geodesic dome, promoted in the 1970s by Buckminster Fuller, with his Gossip startup.

Instead of making homes with typical materials like wood, Geoship homes are made of bioceramic, which is made from minerals that can be sourced from urban waste-stream activities like water treatment plants. In fact, it’s so non-toxic that it is also used in one and tooth replacements.

The homes built by Geoship are chemical-free, resilient in strong winds, unlikely to fall apart in earthquakes, and burn-resistant up to 2,700 degrees Fahrenheit (1482 C). In addition, they are self-venting and carbon-dioxide sequestering. Geoship’s end goal is to have normal folks start land trusts to create dome “villages” and they even offer co-op part-ownership of the company to the buyers. They are expecting to offer the homes in a range of sizes from $55,000 up to around $250,000.

It will take about two years for production to begin, but be sure to keep an eye out for these game changing homes.

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