The men and women who serve in the U.S. military put their lives on the line for our country every day, yet they rarely seem to get the respect they deserve. That’s what makes this story so beautiful.

It all started when a businessman named Brad sat down next to serviceman Mr. Glasgott, who was in uniform, at an airport. Brad struck up a conversation with Mr. Glasgott, and he quickly learned that the soldier was on leave to celebrate his young son’s birthday and to take a rare vacation with his family. The soldier had no idea how much his story touched Brad, who immediately came up with an idea to show Mr. Glasgott how much he appreciates his sacrifices.

Later on, when he checked in at the Great Wolf Lodge with his family, Mr. Glasgott was given a piece of news he never saw coming. The hotel clerk said to the soldier, “You have a message on your account – from Brad.”

At first, the name Brad did not sound familiar, but then he remembered the businessman from the airport. The clerk explained that Brad had wished Mr. Glasgott and his family a great time in Atlanta. Thinking this was all, Mr. Glasgott took out his credit card to pay for his family’s stay, but that’s when something happened that the soldier definitely never saw coming.

The clerk told Mr. Glasgott that Brad had already paid for his family’s entire stay at the Great Wolf Lodge. The kind stranger wanted to pay for the Glasgott’s family vacation as a token of appreciation for the soldier’s service to our country.

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