Dogs have earned the title of man’s best friend for all of the things that they do for us. They are loyal, compassionate, and fiercely protective. Also, it doesn’t seem to matter what size the dog is because even the smallest of them will give up anything for their owners.

So is the case with a tiny five pound toy poodle named Pickles. He’s being called a hero for standing his ground to protect his owners. His owner, Tiffany Merrill, says little Pickles wasn’t even afraid of a 200 pound bear, and she’s certain that’s why her family is still alive.

Tiffany says that one morning she opened the door just long enough to let Pickles out to go to the bathroom when a very aggressive bear barged its way into her home. She says she was terrified, but little Pickles bravely jumped to her rescue.

He started barking at the bear and got its attention so it would follow him back outside and away from the family. Outside, Pickles was attacked by the bear, but his family was safe from harm inside.

Tiffany rushed Pickles to the vet as soon as the bear left, but unfortunately he didn’t make it. The family is now struggling with the loss of a beloved pet they say was always right by their side.

What a heroic little guy! He literally gave everything to protect his family. Check out the video of his story below and be sure to share this story in honor of little Pickles and his great big courageous heart.

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