The Hollywood star Nicole Kidman spoke out this week to reveal how her country music star Keith Urban responds to her sex scenes on-screen.

“My husband is an artist, so he understands all of it, and he also does not get involved,” Kidman told E! News. “He sees the show at the very end when it’s a show, all edited together, and he’s fresh eyes. He doesn’t read any script, he really doesn’t know what’s going on on the set, he’s got his own career that he’s completely absorbed in.”

“He doesn’t know much about what I’m really doing,” she added jokingly.

Kidman has previously said that Urban’s understanding has helped her performances over the years they’ve been together. She told Glamour UK back in November that she’s able to reach dark places in some of her roles only because she knows she’s got her husband and kids at home to allow her to reground herself back in reality.

“You’re having to constantly dig into the depth of your past, your desires, your future – everything. My lifelong work is emotions and keeping them there, ripe and raw,” she explained. “Then being able to put them away and going to live your real life is the sort of the quandary.”

“It’s like being a boxer,” Kidman added. “When you put a boxer in a ring you say, ‘OK, you’re allowed to knock that person out. Now, step out of the ring, go walk down the street and don’t hit anybody.’ That’s your discipline.”

Kidman went on to say that she loves and appreciates her relationship with Urban.

“I have a very good relationship. It is a very soothing, comforting place for me to go, and he’s a very strong, warm, kind man,” she continued of Urban. “I’m very fortunate to have that in my life, because it’s a really strong place to be able to go and curl up. And this is a lonely world, right?”

Kidman and Urban have also created a situation where they can each flourish in their respective careers while also being there for their young children.

We have a system worked out to keep the family together,” Kidman told WSJ. Magazine in April of 2020. “When Keith’s not touring, it’s much easier. He’ll be on tour next year, and then I just don’t work as much. Literally—it will become imbalanced, and we will change it. We don’t have the answers, but the one thing we do know is that we will not jeopardize us.”

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