Meghan Markle was left humiliated once again on Sunday when her half-brother Thomas spoke out to blast her as “shallow.”

Thomas, 55, said this in the first trailer for Australia’s “Big Brother VIP,” on which he is one of 12 “celebrity” contestants. In the trailer, Thomas bragged about being “the biggest brother of them all,” and said he’d warned Prince Harry not to marry Meghan.

“I told Prince Harry, ‘I think she’s going to ruin your life,’” Thomas said as he stepped out of a limo. “She’s very shallow.”

Just before Meghan’s 2018 wedding, Thomas sent a handwritten letter to Harry in which he wrote that it was “not to [sic] late” to turn back. He added that Meghan was “obviously not the right woman” for Harry and alleged that his half sister was acting “the part of a princess like a below C average Hollywood actress.”

Thomas was not invited to Meghan’s wedding, as she did not invite anyone from the Markle side of her family. An insider recently told Fox News that while the Markles have said harsh words about Meghan publicly, she could have prevented all of this if she’d been more honest with her family years ago.

“If Meghan was smart all she would have had to do was prep her family. All she had to do was call them, let them know what was about to happen, and say, ‘Don’t do this, this and this, and I guarantee it would have never been a problem,'” said the family source.

The insider went on to blame Meghan for “having plenty of conversations” with Harry about the scrutiny she’d face yet allowing her family members to be blindsided.

“She had to think of the fact that it was going to be global attention and nonstop,” the source said. “That’s the royals for you.”

The insider then said that Meghan’s claims about not knowing her distant relatives that have been speaking out against her are false.

“Meghan’s storyline about not really ever being close to her Markle family members is bulls–t,” said the source, adding that Meghan had spent years going to family events and meeting her relatives.

“She was seen by her family during that time. She knows her family. She knows her half-siblings,” the insider continued.

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