The three children of the legendary icon Judy Garland, who tragically passed away back in 1969 at the age of 47, are speaking out this week to recall their memories of the Wizard Of Oz star.

“Yes, she had tragedies in her life, but she wasn’t tragic,” Judy’s daughter Lorna Luft, 68, told Closer Weekly. The late star’s son Joey, 66, agreed, saying, “I remember having a lot of fun with her when we were alone.”

Liza Minnelli, 75, also wanted to set the record straight about her mother.

“One of the biggest misconceptions about my mama is that she didn’t provide me with a happy childhood,” Liza said. “There were highs and lows, for sure, but I can say I was very happy. If people choose to believe that or not, it’s up to them, but I know I was happy.”

Liza described her mother as “very funny,” and “incredibly intelligent,” and she said that despite their hectic lifestyle of traveling the world performing, Judy was “protective and very strict.”

“My fondest memory of my mama was the conversations we had,” Liza continued. “As a teenager, I became her best friend and confidante. We would laugh and talk for hours.”

“Mama got angry at [fans and press] for asking me questions about her,” Liza added, saying that her mother never took this anger out on her.

Liza has also never forgotten getting the chance to perform with her mother.

“It was the strangest feeling,” Liza remembered. “One minute, I was on stage with my mother, the next moment, I was on stage with Judy Garland. One minute, she smiled at me, the next minute, she was like the lioness that owned the stage.”

Though it’s been over fifty years since Judy passed away, Liza can still feel her presence in her life to this day.

“When I call on her, she’s there,” she said. “And I call on her a lot. She’ll say, ‘Ignore it’ a lot. She’ll say, ‘It’s one opinion. Who cares? Just keep going.'”

Judy is still dearly missed by her children and her millions of fans. There truly will never be another talent like her.

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