The Hollywood star Sandra Bullock has been dating her photographer boyfriend Bryan Randall for six years now, yet she has no intention of ever marrying him.

A source told Closer Weekly this week that while Bullock, 57, and Randall, 55, have an unbreakable bond, they don’t “talk” marriage.

“They’re unofficially married, but definitely lifetime committed,” the source said, adding that Bullock “doesn’t want another marriage” after her painful and difficult divorce from her ex-husband Jesse James.

“Bryan is fine with that,” the insider added. “He’s her soulmate … she says he’s just the best man she knows. She’s not letting him go.”

The source went on to say that while Bullock and Randall “used to talk about” saying “I do,” they “don’t anymore” because they’re “both on the same page.”

“There’s really no need,” the insider continued. “It’s no secret Sandra’s been burned, [and] Bryan knows more about her feelings on marriage than anyone. They’re mature adults and they understand each other.”

The source then said that considering the fact that Bullock and Randall have a “close bond,” some of their friends are convinced they already “had a private ceremony connecting them.”

“She and Bryan are more than dating,” the insider said of the couple. “[He] even wears a wedding band.”

Regardless of whether or not Bullock and Randall ever walk down the aisle, they are definitely in it for the long haul.

“Bryan is loyal, he loves Sandra so much,” the insider explained, saying that Randall loves Bullock’s two young children as well. “He treats Louis and Laila like his own. That’s what matters.”

Bullock and Randall met back in 2015 after she hired him to shoot photos at her son Louis’ 5th birthday party. They have since created a “quiet, happy life together” with her adopted children. These days, Bullock never questions the genuine connection she shares with Randall.

“Sandra and Bryan consider themselves a solid, committed, family unit,” another insider said back in 2019. “They don’t talk about their relationship status that much, but it’s pretty clear what they have is a very special bond. Bryan proudly wears a wedding band on his wedding finger and there’s no doubt that he’s Louis and Laila’s dad.”

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