Lawyers representing the disgraced comedian Bill Cosby have announced plans “to fully vindicate”‘ in the Playboy mansion civil suit.

Fox News reported that attorney Jennifer Bonjean will be representing Cosby in a civil lawsuit alleging him of assaulting a female at the Playboy mansion in 1974. On Friday, a status hearing was held in Los Angeles Superior Court, and it was attended by both Bonjean and high-powered attorney Gloria Allred. Cosby, 84, did not attend the proceedings.

Bonjean said in a statement that she will “fully vindicate” Cosby, whose sexual assault conviction was overturned by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court back in June.

“This morning, Bill Cosby’s New York-based attorney, Jennifer Bonjean, was granted leave to appear pro hac vice in the civil litigation Huth v. Cosby, pending in Los Angeles County,” a press release read. “Ms. Bonjean will serve as lead counsel on the case, working with local counsel, Michael Freedman of The Freedman Firm to fully vindicate Mr. Cosby of Ms. Huth’s 1974 accusation.”

Allred is representing 33 women who have accused the former “The Cosby Show” star of sexual misconduct. Cosby’s legal team slammed Allred, saying that she is “determined to try this case in the court of public opinion where the rules don’t apply and where their client’s ancient accusation is not subject to any meaningful vetting.”

“But cases are not won at press conferences; they are won in courtrooms through the adversarial process,” the statement continued. “And that is precisely where Mr. Cosby’s team intends to defeat this case.”

Cosby’s lawyers went on to allege that both parties appeared before Judge Craig D. Karlan for Friday’s status hearing where they “flagged a number of important legal issues in the case, including whether California’s abolition of a statute of limitations as to certain sex crimes is constitutional and whether Mr. Cosby will sit for a second deposition in this case.”

“In the words of Chief Justice Max Baer of the Pennsylvania State Supreme Court, ‘Mr. Cosby was the victim of a reprehensible bait and switch,'” they said. “Those actions of an over-zealous judge and prosecutor caused Mr. Cosby great suffering with a two-year-and-ten-month unjust conviction and incarceration.”

“He legitimately fears that he could be the target of any number of other malicious prosecutions in this climate where mob-justice trumps the rule of law and bald accusations, no matter how old or how implausible, are automatically viewed as truth,” the statement continued.

Cosby served two years of a three to 10-year sentence for sexual assault before his sentence was vacated in June. After his release, Allred warned that “Mr. Cosby is not home free.”

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