Prince Harry shocked the world earlier this week when he announced that he will be writing a tell-all memoir about his life. Now, a renowned royal expert is speaking out to warn the royal family that Harry may be dropping some serious bombs in this book.

“I think any revelations and exclusives in this book are going to be kept under tight wraps,” royal expert Katie Nicholl told Entertainment Tonight. “We’ve got a whole year to go before this book hits the shelves.”

“Is Harry going to reveal who the alleged royal racist is?” Nicholl questioned, referring to Harry and Meghan Markle’s previous claim that an unnamed member of the royal family expressed concerns over how dark the skin of their son Archie would be before his birth.

“What’s he going to say about his early childhood?” the expert added. “Will we hear him talk or write in more detail about the impact of losing his mother [Princess Diana]?”

Nicholl herself believes that Harry will likely be dropping some bombs about his early life.

“I think there are still many unanswered questions. I think there are still many parts of his life, particularly his younger life that have yet to be explored,” she said. “And he has promised us a no-holds-barred autobiography, a memoir in which he is able to be wholly truthful about his life. A memoir that will surely have the royals very nervous, very apprehensive about what’s to come.”

Nicholl also feels that this memoir makes it very unlikely that Harry will be healing his rift with the royal family anytime soon.

“A tell-all really means that repairing this rift is going to be a long way off. Harry’s actions do not speak for someone who wants to move on and forge a better future with his brother [Prince William] and his father [Prince Charles], so is this going to heal the royal rift? I would say far from it,” Nicholl said. “We’ve learned from Harry that when he does these tell-alls, they really are exactly that. If you look at the Oprah interview, it was explosive, and I think we’re expecting the same thing from a book.”

Harry’s memoir is due to be released sometime in late 2022.

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