A powerful video is going viral this week showing the moment an Alabama police officer stood in the rain to honor a late veteran who served his country during World War II.

KMOV4 reported that a funeral procession for Private First Class Robert Lee Serling, who recently passed away at the age of 100, was held in Spanish Fort, Alabama on Monday. As the procession travelled into the cemetery to bury Serling, Mt. Vernon Police Officer Newman Brazier paid his final respects to the military hero. He had no idea that the moment would go viral.

“He was just standing there at attention, when we passed by there,” recalled Eddie Irby Jr., President and Founder of the 92nd Division Buffalo Soldier WWII. “Everybody at the Camile Center said something about it after we got up there and said man did you see that cop up there soaking wet, standing at attention, it took an effect on those guys, especially the veterans, to someone up there do that, what an honor.”

Officer Brazier spoke out to say that he when he heard of Serling’s passing, he crossed jurisdictions with his patrol lights to honor him.

“That’s what vets do. I felt that he wanted to be acknowledged,” Brazier said. “I felt that from being from a small town like Mount Vernon, that he can do what he did, and he can pass, and nobody realize it and not respect it. It was my point, to let everyone in that area, that he was there, he was passing through, even if it was for the last time.”

Serling passed away last month at the age of 100, two months after he celebrated his milestone birthday with a parade in his honor. He had given a YouTube interview back in 2015.

“Private First Class Robert Lee Serling was 100 years old when he passed away on June 5,” his obituary stated. “He was one of the few Black men to fight in the Pacific.”

These days, it often seems like veterans and police officers alike do not get the respect that they deserve in this country. God bless Officer Brazier for giving this fallen veteran the respectful sendoff that he deserves!

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