Elaine Hendrix, who played Meredith Blake in the 1998 remake of the movie The Parent Trap, spoke out this week to remember her late costar Natasha Richardson.

While Hendrix and Richardson’s characters were at odds in the film, the two women bonded quickly on set. All these years later, Hendrix has never forgotten Richardson and how devoted she was to her husband, the Hollywood star Liam Neeson.

“The first thing that I think about was, first of all, she loved Chardonnay. Cakebread,” Hendrix told US Weekly of Richardson. “I just remember in real life, thinking how elegant Natasha was and how she literally would swoon when she talked about Liam Neeson and when she talked about her children.”

“She would get all dreamy and we would all go, ‘Oh,'” she added. “Like we all just basked in her love and adoration for him and her family, which made what happened just all the more tragic.”

Richardson tragically died in 2009 after she hit her head during a skiing lesson in Montreal. While she was able to get up and walk back to her hotel room, she later complained of a headache and was airlifted to Lenox Hill Hospital in New York. Sadly, Richardson was pronounced dead there at the age of 45.

“They were truly and deeply in love,” Hendrix recalled of Richardson and Neeson. “And she was crazy about her kids and in her trailer, she had pictures of them up. And we would go in her trailer at the end of the day and have the Cakebread together. She was just a lovely human being.”

Richardson starred in The Parent Trap as Elizabeth James alongside Hendrix’s Blake.

“Meredith [was the] icy side of femininity where Natasha was the elegant side,” she explained.” And then Chessy [Lisa Ann Walter] was the nurturing side. And so we got to play these different faces of feminine characters.”

The movie also starred Lindsay Lohan and Dennis Quaid, who looked back fondly on his time with Richardson back in 2018.

“Now you hit my heart. She was such a beautiful person, such a beautiful, beautiful person. Just none of that, that actor stuff, prima donna stuff. Someone easy to work with and such a great sense of humor,”Quaid said at the time.

“When that accident happened, it just devastated me and so many other people,” he added. “She had such a beautiful love, married life with Liam, and two beautiful boys. She always had a smile on her face when she came to work. That really affected everyone around her.”

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