Olivia Newton-John of Grease fame has been battling stage 4 cancer over the past few years. In a new interview this week, the legendary singer and actress gave fans an update on how she is doing.

Fox News reported that Newton-John beat cancer once in 1992 then again in 2013. In 2017, however, she got the crushing news that her cancer was back, and this time it had metastasized and spread to her bones. Despite this, Newton-John is still fighting the disease four years later, and she told Closer Weekly this week that she feels “good.”

“There are a lot of herbs that I take,” Newton-John explained. “And over the last 10 years, I’ve used cannabis. My husband makes me tinctures that help me immensely with pain, inflammation, sleep and anxiety. I’d like to research all that and find out what else is going on because I feel good.”

“I’ve also been eating vegan because my daughter was visiting me and she’s a vegan,” she continued. “I feel very good. I try to do something for myself every day that I love, like seeing my horses or sitting in the garden.”

Newton-John is the founder of The Olivia Newton-John Foundation, which helps research “plant-based medicine and other holistic and wellness therapies” in order to “discover kinder ways to prevent, treat and cure all cancers.”

“After having lived for years with different cancers, and having surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, I thought it would be wonderful if we could find different kinds of treatments for people going through cancer,” she said. “I’ve been lucky enough to be married to an amazing man, ‘Amazon’ John [Easterling], who’s a plant medicine man. So I’ve taken a lot of plant medicine over the last years and have done well. We want to raise money to fund the studies on plant medicine.”

Newton-John also said that she still has the support of her Grease costars, who have remained close over the years.

“We do stay in touch,” she said. “There is an e-mail chain with a bunch of us. John [Travolta] and I have done meet-and-greets. And Didi [Conn] and I are really close still. We all have a great relationship because we shared some very special times together.”

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