Katey Segal opened up this week about what it was like to reunite with her former “Married With Children” costar Christina Applegate on the Netflix series “Dead To Me.”

Entertainment Tonight reported that Sagal, 67, made a brief cameo in the second season of the Netflix show in which she played Judy’s (Linda Cardellini) incarcerated mother. Sagal said in her new interview that she and Applegate, who played her daughter on the sitcom “Married With Children” in the 1980s and 1990s, will be sharing the screen in the next season.

“This season, I actually work with Christina. When I was on last season, I was Linda Cardellini’s mom and you just saw me in prison,” Sagal said. “In fact, Christina called me up, I was just over at her house a couple of weeks ago, and we were so excited.”

“We have a couple of big scenes together, so that will be really fun,” she added. “She is truly like my daughter. Like for real. So this will be really lovely to be with her.”

“Married With Children” will be celebrating its 35th anniversary next year, and Sagal has never forgotten the chemistry the cast had.

“We just got on great, so that was fantastic,” she added of co-starring with Applegate, on-screen husband Ed O’Neill and on-screen son David Faustino. “The original pilot had two different kids. Then when we got picked up, they replaced them with Chris and David and that was instant chemistry. The whole thing clicked. We were all kinda a bunch of little outcasts.”

One of Sagal’s favorite memories from filming the show came while filming season 2 episode 13, “You Better Watch Out.”

“I always remember the one where Santa Claus fell through the roof and we were all sitting on the couch,” Sagal continued. “And if you ever watch it, you’ll see us all on the couch trying not to laugh. It’s that whole Carol Burnett thing where you’re trying not to laugh. We could barely get through it.”

Sagal will next be appearing in the thriller Tattered Hearts.

“This is super exciting,” she said of her part in the film. “I am going to do a horror movie. I have never done a horror movie. I am going to be in New Orleans and I am going to play a country star.”

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