The disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein was extradited to Los Angeles, California on Tuesday so that he could face additional sexual assault charges there.

Page Six reported that Weinstein, 69, was removed in a wheelchair from the Wende Correctional Facility in upstate New York, where he has spent the past year serving a 23-year sentence for rape and sexual assault. A source close to the situation said that Weinstein was dressed in a white shirt and khaki pants when he was wheeled out of the prison.

“This morning at approximately 9:25 custody of Mr. Harvey Weinstein was handed over to the appropriate officials for transport to the state of California per a court order,’’ confirmed a spokesman for the New York Department of Corrections and Community Supervision.

Weinstein’s attorney Mark Werksman told Fox News that he is “disappointed that the court didn’t allow to give time for the court to rule on our habeas petition” and he will continue to fight to defend the former Hollywood producer.

Weinstein is facing  11 counts of rape, sexual battery and other charges involving five women in Los Angeles. If convicted on all charges, he could be sentenced to an additional 140 years in prison.

Weinstein’s lawyers had tried to argue last month that he should not be extradited because he is suffering from various medical issues that he can’t get the proper attention for in Los Angeles prisons. Prosecutors denied this, saying that Weinstein will receive just as good medical treatment in California as he did in New York.

“It’s Los Angeles. It’s not some remote outpost that doesn’t have medical care,” said Erie County assistant district attorney Colleen Gable, according to Daily Mail. “There is absolutely nothing in either doctor’s report that says this treatment can’t be done in Los Angeles. Los Angeles has some of the best medical care in the country and the world.”

A judge ultimately sided with prosecutors and approved Weinstein’s extradition.

Weinstein was arguably the most powerful man in Hollywood for decades before dozens of women came forward to accuse him of rape and sexual assault at the dawn of the #MeToo movement. Despite his conviction, Weinstein continues to maintain his innocence and claim that he only ever had consensual sex with women.

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