Last month, “Duck Dynasty” matriarch Kay Robertson was left with a piece of her lip missing after her family’s dog Bobo bit part of it off. Now, her son Willie is speaking out to give an update on how his mom is doing.

“I’m happy to report that she’s doing good,” Willie told Fox News. “I spoke to mom today and she’s actually in Texas visiting my brother and she seemed great and she said her lip is doing well.”

Kay had reportedly startled the sleeping dog when she leaned down to kiss him goodnight one evening in June. This caused Bobo to snap and bite her in reaction to his shock.

Willie went on to say that he “hasn’t seen” his mother in about a month since he’s been traveling himself, but he added that she is “in great spirits and healing up great.”

“She always tells me to tell anybody who asks that her dog is very sorry for what he did,” he continued, explaining that Bobo “just didn’t realize” what he had done. “So I told her I would keep delivering that message.”

Kay’s husband Phil had said at the time that Bobo reacted “instinctively” because he was “disturbed.”

“I said the old saying, ‘Miss Kay, let a sleeping dog lie,” Phil added, according to The Sun. “You need to remember that.”

Kay and Phil’s son Alan added, “First thing my Mom told Dad when she came in… she said ‘I just want you to know that Bobo met me at the truck and he apologized.”

Willie also gave an update on his daughter Sadie, who gave birth to her first child Honey James Huff back in May.

“Sadie’s doing great,” Willie said. “We get to see them all the time and she’s doing good!”

“We’re back on the tennis court again and we’re having fun and the baby’s doing great,” the proud grandpa continued. “So everyone is doing great here in the Robertson household.”

Alan also gushed over Sadie and her husband Christian Huff’s new addition.

“We laugh but Sadie and Christian look like superheroes. You know, it’s like Captain America meets Wonder Woman or Bat Girl or something,” he said. “And so we knew that this was going to be a special little girl and she’s great. Sadie – it was her first delivery so she had some moments where it was a difficult delivery but she got through it and it just seems like [motherhood] fits her perfectly. It’s like anything else Sadie does,” he added at the time.

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