Meghan Markle and Prince Harry welcomed their second child last Friday, a baby girl that they named Lilibet “Lili” Diana Mountbatten-Windsor.

Lilibet is a nickname that Queen Elizabeth has had since she was a little girl, and Meghan and Harry have confirmed that they wanted to name the child after the 95 year-old monarch. While this was meant to be an honor, renowned royal expert Ingrid Seward is saying that the Queen is likely “confused” by the name choice.

“How charming that Harry and Meghan have decided to call their daughter Lilibet or Lily as a compliment to the Queen,” Seward told The Express. “But how strange as they profess to want to remove themselves from royal life that they have chosen to use such an intimate royal nickname for their daughter.”

“It was affectionately used by only her parents and her husband,” she added. “But I am certain she will be pleased and perhaps a little confused that Prince Harry has decided to use this name.”

Seward also questioned whether the Queen will approve the use of her personal family pet name, as she has been known not to like informal nicknames before.

“The Queen has a healthy disregard for nicknames,” Seward explained. “When her son Prince Andrew’s affair with Koo Stark was all over the press the only thing she said is, ‘why can’t they all be Katherine?'”

The Queen has had the nickname Lilibet ever since she was a toddler because she could not pronounce her name “Elizabeth” at the time, and said “Lilibet” instead. While her parents and grandparents used the nickname for her, the only other person to do so was her husband Prince Philip, who died just two months ago.

Seward also found it odd that while Harry honored both his grandmother the Queen and his late mother Princess Diana with the name choice, there was seemingly no reference to Meghan’s family members in the name.

“Of course Harry wants to remember his mother so the name Diana had to be in there somewhere,” Seward stated. “But where is Meghan’s parentage in all of this?”

Lilibet is the second child of Meghan and Harry, joining their 2 year-old son Archie. The family is living in a mansion in Montecito, California after stepping down as senior royals last year.

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