Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck shocked the world last month when reports surfaced that they had rekindled their romance seventeen years after ending their engagement. Now, a source has come forward to say that the two of them are leaving “no stone uncovered” as they launch their romance again.

“They’ve flipped the rock and are now seeing how far they can throw it,” an insider told Fox News. “Basically, they have unfinished business.”

The source went on to say that Lopez and Affleck are “discussing summer plans” and they “want to take a trip” as well.

“They are looking forward to what the future holds,” another insider said.

This source said that Lopez and Affleck “have always had an inevitable and natural attraction towards one another,” but this has only intensified over the last few weeks.

“Since they’ve reconnected, that has become even more apparent. They have realized that no time has  passed and that they’re ‘bound to be,’” the insider said.

Despite the fact that they each married others and had children following their breakup, the source said that Lopez and Affleck have always been in one another’s thoughts.

“They knew that they would reconnect at some point down the line and that time is now,” the source explained. “Their connection is magical and they are both in a very stable headspace.”

This insider said that the two of them have matured in terms of knowing what they want in a significant other.

“They are beyond acting off of emotion and are very level-headed and secure with specific regards to what they want, and what a healthy partnership looks like,” the insider added.

Affleck and Lopez first started dating in 2002 and became engaged the next year, regularly making headlines in the tabloids at the time under the couple name “Bennifer.” They ended their engagement in January of 2004, going on to marry others and have children before divorcing their respective spouses.

Another source told People Magazine last week that despite living in different parts of the country, Lopez and Affleck are determined to make things work. This source went on to say that they “are having fun and want to spend as much time together as possible.”

“They don’t want to hide anymore,” the insider explained. “They are both excited about their relationship. They want to make sure they do everything they can to make this work.”

“Jennifer is incredibly happy. She feels like she can just be herself around Ben,” the source added.

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