The Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood may be 91, but he is still as fit as ever. Now, a source is speaking out to say that Eastwood manages to stay very fit without doing anything “too strenuous.”

“Clint still golfs …. he likes to take long walks,” the source told Closer Weekly, adding that Eastwood always makes sure to stay on top of his diet. “He loves food, but he never overeats.”

Since Clint has always made health a priority in life, he still feels healthy both mentally and physically.

“Clint’s brain is on point … he joked that it’s his body that lags behind,” the insider said.

While Clint isn’t as busy in Hollywood as he has been in the past, he’s still “got a couple of projects in the works. Not dozens like he used to have, but he’s directed and starring in Cry Macho, which he’s very proud of.”

Though Clint has “no” plans to leave the world of show business, he “talks about slowing down” eventually.

“There’s only so much he could [do],” the source added.

Rather than think about retirement, Clint makes sure to focus on the things he is thankful for.

“He’s very comfortable with his daily routine,” the insider said, adding that it’s the simple things that make him the happiest.

“He looks forward to a good meal, reading, getting scripts, golf,” the source explained. “But he really looks forward to another directing project, possibly acting in it too. He’s always looking for good stories to tell. He’s a storyteller. That’s always been his thing.”

Eastwood turned 91 last weekend, and an insider told the publication earlier this week that Eastwood enjoyed a “very quiet” birthday celebration with Sandera and his children over the weekend.

“As far as I know, Clint had a very quiet birthday with Christina,” the insider said, referring to his girlfriend Christina Sandera. The source added that “some of his kids stopped by his home in Carmel.”

The source went on to say that Eastwood has “never” been one to make a big deal about his birthday, and that he was just fine with keeping it low-key, “especially at this age.”

“He’d rather a nice lunch at one of his favorite places,” the source said. “But even then, he’d rather the waiters didn’t bring out a cake.”

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