Britt Ekland, who is best known for starring in the 1974 James Bond movie The Man With The Golden Gun opposite Roger Moore, is speaking out this week to say that she believes she “ruined” her face by getting lip fillers.

“It destroyed my looks and ruined my face,” said Ekland, 78, according to The Daily Mail. “It was the biggest mistake of my life. When I look at photographs of myself before I had it done, I looked very good. I can see that now, but I couldn’t see it at the time.”

“Everyone has the right to choose [surgery],” she added. “I did all of that in my 50s but wouldn’t consider it again. I have no desire to look any different than I am.”

Ekland said that she met with a doctor in Paris, France through a consultancy on Harley Street to have her lips plumped. She was expecting a moderate treatment, but the doctor instead  made multiple injections all around the rim of her lips with Articol, which he said was a “new dental material.”

Wendy Lewis, an international consultant in cosmetic surgery, explained that while Articol was briefly in style as a filler and lip plumper in the 1990s, it is now considered risky. It was also never approved for use in the United States.

“The effects are permanent. Today, most doctors don’t want to use it,” Lewis stated.

These days, Ekland has accepted the way she looks and has no interest in any further cosmetic surgery.

“I feel great now, better than I have for many years… getting older happens to everyone. It’s pointless complaining about it or wishing you could change,” she said. “‘We’re all going in one direction and there is nothing we can do about that.. It’s just about looking after yourself while on that journey.”

Ekland added that she spent twenty years undergoing “excruciatingly painful” corticosteroid injections in a bid to “melt” the Articol. She finally decided to give up on this when she realized it wasn’t going to make her “look better.”

“It’s not going to give me more roles to make me look better,” she said. “This is who I am and people have to accept it. I’ve accepted it, you accept it!”

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