Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck shocked the world last month when reports surfaced that they had rekindled their romance seventeen years after ending their engagement. Now, Ben’s father Timothy Affleck is speaking out to say that his son didn’t even tell his family that he had gotten back with his former fiancé.

“Of course I’ve heard of her,” Timothy told The Sun of Jennifer.  “But I’d no idea about any of this. I talk to my kids about their lives when I see them and they share with me what they want to share.”

Timothy went on to admit that he may not have been told about Jennifer because he has not been able to get together with Ben in months due to COVID-19.

“I haven’t seen my kids in so long, what with their work and Covid,” he said.

Ben and Jennifer met on the set of the movie Gigli back in 2001, and they became engaged in 2003 before calling off their engagement in 2004 after they had been tabloid fodder for years under their couple name “Bennifer.” Industry insiders claimed that the two of them never fell out of love and are “picking up right where they left off.”

Timothy, however, isn’t buying that his son has been carrying a torch for Jennifer for nearly two decades.

“I’ve never heard of all that nonsense,” he said.

Jennifer, 51, and Ben, 48, were first spotted spending time together again at the end of April, just days after she called off her engagement to baseball star Alex Rodriguez. Earlier this month, Jennifer and Ben jetted off to Big Sky, Montana for a romantic getaway together.

“It was Ben’s idea to go to Montana, a place he absolutely loves, and they had a wonderful time there just snuggling up and being together without any pressure,” a source said at the time.

Last week, Jennifer and Ben were seen working out together at a gym in Miami, and witnesses reportedly saw them kissing in between their sets.

“Ben and Jen feel so close to each other very quickly,” the first insider continued. “The old flame is absolutely rekindled. They picked up where they left off in terms of affection for each other.”

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