Barry Williams grew up right before America’s eyes as a teenager acting as Greg Brady on the iconic sitcom “The Brady Bunch.” In a new interview, the 66 year-old actor is opening up to reveal  that his time on the show was “very intense” for him.

“The years were very intense years for me,” Williams said while appearing on Today Extra. “All my teen years, 14 to 20, were on ‘The Brady Bunch.'”

Williams went on to say that the other child stars on the show also often felt uncomfortable undergoing physical changes due to puberty while starring on the sitcom.

“There were a lot of changes,” he added. “You could hear the voice changing, you could see the hair changing, you could see the growth spurts going on with all of us. So, it was sometimes awkward and sometimes fun, but I’ve always enjoyed people watching the show.”

Despite the fact that it’s been nearly 50 years since “The Brady Bunch” went off the air in 1974, Williams said that the cast has always remained close.

“We maintain our relationships, we’ve seen all the major events of our lives together: marriages, children, sometimes marriages that split and things like that,” he said. “Now our children are graduating and things like that. We’ve always had a Brady family together.”

“But the Brady has always been very much constant and certainly because it’s never been off the air, people have made that connection and it’s very solid,” Williams continued. “So that’s mostly what I get recognized from and that’s fine by me, I feel like I have a nice relationship… A multi-generational relation with so many different people.”

Williams is preparing to reunite with his former “Brady Bunch” costars Christopher Knight, Mike Lookinland and Susan Olsen for Lifetime’s upcoming holiday movie “Blending Christmas,” which also stars Haylie Duff and Aaron O’Connell.

“We had a great time making this movie,” Williams said. “It is definitely a Lifetime Christmas happy-ending movie.”

This comes two years after the cast of “The Brady Bunch” reunited for “A Very Brady Renovation,’ which saw the Brady children renovating the interior of the original family home to look like the set.

“We took the house that was just used for the exterior photograph and turned it into what exactly our set looked like,” Williams recalled. “That took more than a year to do and they did an excellent job of recreating it almost to perfection.”

“That was a great chance for us to be together on camera but not playing our roles,” he explained. “I was just ‘me’ and Maureen McCormick was Maureen McCormick and not Marcia Brady.”

Williams then talked about the impact the Brady parents, Robert Reed (Mike Brady) and Florence Henderson (Carol Martin), had during their time renovating, as well as on the original show.

“Every time we walked into the house as it was evolving with the reconstruction, we all sensed their presence there,” he said, “I made a toast to Robert Reed and Florence Henderson and Ann B. Davis because they were such an integral part — an important, significant part — of the show. They really grounded the show while the kids were going through their stages of life.”

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