The Hollywood legend Robert De Niro spoke out this week to reveal that he’s suffered an “excruciating” leg injury.

The 77 year-old star reportedly hurt his leg while on-location for his upcoming movie, Killers of the Flower Moon, but not on the set of the Martin Scorsese-directed project.

“I tore my quad somehow. It’s just a simple stepping over something and I just went down,” De Niro told IndieWire. “The pain was excruciating and now I have to get it fixed. But it happens, especially when you get older, you have to be prepared for unexpected things. But it’s manageable.”

De Niro injured himself on the set of the film in Oklahoma, and he then flew to New York to get medical treatment. He added that this injury will not affect his performance as  cattleman William Hale.

“What I’m doing with Scorsese in Killers of the Flower Moon, I’m pretty much a sedentary character in a way. I don’t move around a lot, thank god. So we’ll manage,” he said. “I just have to get the procedure done and keep it straight in a certain position and let it heal.”

The movie De Niro is working on is an Apple original film that also stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Jesse Plemons and Lily Gladstone.  It is based on David Grann’s nonfiction book “Killers of the Flower Moon: The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI,” and it follows a series of murders that took place in Oklahoma in the 1920s.

This comes months after we reported that the Hollywood star Sharon Stone had said that De Niro was the best onscreen kisser that she’d ever worked with.

“Robert De Niro was for sure the best kisser,” declared Stone, 62. “Bob was far and away the best kisser.”

“He was the actor that I admired the most,” she added. “My whole career I just wanted to be able to sit across the table from Robert De Niro and hold my own. Maybe because I just held him in such extraordinary high regard, it was the pinnacle of the kissing moment for me.”

“I was just so madly in love with him as an actress to start with that he probably could’ve hit me in the head with a hammer and I would’ve been like, ‘Oh, yeah!’” Stone continued jokingly. “It was pretty fabulous.”

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