The country music star Blake Shelton got engaged to his fellow singer Gwen Stefani back in October, and he’s speaking out this week to joke that their wedding would be “pretty classless” if he was in control of how it went down.

“If I was picking our meal, it would just literally be everything fried,” Shelton told USA Today. “French fries, chicken tenders, you know, all of that stuff. I think [Gwen] knows that it would be a pretty classless wedding if I was in control.”

“I want her to do all of that stuff and handle it because it’s going to be great,” he continued. “She’s in the middle of planning the thing, and she’s always so mindful … of me.”

“She’s like, ‘Hey, I don’t want to just take this thing over.’ I think she’s having a blast doing it,” Shelton added. “I mean, I know she’s having a blast doing it.”

In fact, Shelton doesn’t mind letting Stefani be in control of everything in their lives, even his wardrobe!

“I never pick my own clothes unless I’m doing one of these FaceTime calls with you and I put on a cap and shirt,” he explained. “But she picks my clothes for things like … something formal with the family. I never even pick my clothes for ‘The Voice.’ I have a girl that does that for me. So, nobody lets me pick clothes. That’s not a Gwen wedding thing. That’s just in general.”

A source previously told People Magazine that Shelton and Stefani are “ready to get married,” so this will not be a long engagement.

“This won’t be a long engagement. There is a reason why Blake proposed now. They are both ready to get married,” this insider said. “They don’t want a huge wedding. They want their family and close friends to attend and that’s it.”

Stefani also recently said that she’s not expecting the guest list to be filled with A-listers.

“It’s gonna be like, my mom and my dad and just literally gonna be just family,” she explained. “We are looking forward to that though. It’s gonna be fun. We’re gonna make it really fun. But it’s not gonna be a big, like, you know, it’s not like the queen and king are getting married or something.”

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