22 year old Amy Bockerstette was thrust into the national spotlight in 2019 when a video of her went viral, and for good reason. Bockerstette was given the opportunity to play a practice round at TPC Scottsdale’s infamous par-3 16th.

I loved it,” she told the DAYTONA BEACH NEWS JOURNAL of the par-3 moment. “It was awesome, and now we’re best friends. I’m always so happy to see him.”

The young woman wasn’t even phased, telling Woodland “I got this,” before effortlessly making par sinking an eight-foot putt, GOLF DIGEST reported. The shot in and of itself is extremely impressive, but add to the fact that Bockerstette has Downs Syndrome makes the event even more noteworthy.

Yesterday, Amy teed off at the National Junior College Athletic Association national championship at Plantation Bay Golf & Country Club in Ormond Beach, Florida. The tournament will last four days and Amy’s scores will be tallied at the end to determine her placement.

She’s making history as the first athlete with Downs Syndrome to earn an athletic scholarship, and has been playing for the Paradise Valley Community College team for the past three years.

“That girl can do anything,” says teammate Paige Dormal. Bockerstette is not only a fantastic player, but the best cheerleader for her teammates. “Once you have a great shot, ‘great shot!'” says Dormal. “You have a bad shot, ‘great shot!'”

Another teammate, Sara Kearns says, “Every time any of us have a bad tournament, she’s always sitting on the 18th hole ready to give us all a hug. I love Amy.”

Bockerstette began golfing 8 years ago and immediately excelled at the sport. “I like meeting new friends at the tournaments, I have fun,” she shared with CBS. Amy’s dad Joe Bockerstette adds “We joke in our family that Amy plays golf in order to meet new friends.”

Amy is inspiring an entire community of individuals who are often overlooked and stigmatized.

“You know, you go through early grieving about what you’ve given up with your child with a disability,” her dad said. “What I’ve subsequently learned is, that was pretty silly. The lesson there is you just can’t put limits on people there. It was ridiculous for me to think that Amy couldn’t achieve what she’s achieved.”

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