A 224-pound woman from Russia has found herself in serious trouble after she allegedly sat on her husband and strangled him with her butt.

Yes, you read that correctly: she reportedly used her buttocks to asphyxiate her husband.

A woman who has only been identified as Tatyana O. reportedly pinned her husband faced-down on their bed during an alcohol-fueled dispute in the Russian city Novokuznetsk. She then refused to let him go, even as he “begged forgiveness,” according to The New York Post.

Aidar’s daughter reportedly came upon the scene and ran to a neighbor’s to get help, and a female neighbor soon arrived at the home. However, she decided that Tatyana and Aidar were just in the middle of a domestic dispute, so she left. It was only after Aidar stopped showing signs of life that “the accused, frightened, shook him and shouted at him to wake him up.”

Tatyana claimed afterwards that she was simply trying to calm her husband down after they had both been drinking. A medical examination concluded that Aidar died due to “asphyxia from blocking the respiratory system” as his face was stuffed into the mattress while Tatyana sat on his neck “using her legs so he could not lift it.”

A local media report stated that Tatyana “strangled husband to death with her buttocks after drinking too much alcohol.” Following a trial, Tatyana ended up being convicted of causing death by negligence after a murder charge was dropped. However, an investigation committee has since announced that it is calling for a new murder charge against Tatyana, who had been angry “after drinking heavily.”

“As soon as the man lay down on the bed, burying his face in the mattress, she sat on his neck, while holding his head with her legs so that he could not lift it,” the police said in announcing the new charge.

The Sun reported that Tatyana has been sentenced to eighteen months of corrective labor and ordered to pay around £2,000 in “moral damages.” Unfortunately for her, however, the investigation committee’s announcement means that she could end up facing a far more serious punishment in the future.

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