Tom Selleck is a legendary Hollywood star who has spent decades working in the industry, but for the last ten years, he’s spent much of his time starring in the CBS television drama “Blue Bloods.” While he has enjoyed his time working on “Blue Bloods” under the late executive producer Leonard Goldberg, who tragically passed away in 2019, Selleck just revealed that their working relationship may not have always been so positive.

In a new interview with talk show host Drew Barrymore, Selleck revealed that prior to becoming the huge star that he is today, he was fired from the 1970s television show “Charlie’s Angels” by Goldberg after just one episode!

“They were trying to experiment with boyfriends for the Angels, and I was going to be Jackie Smith’s boyfriend,” Selleck explained. “My boss on ‘Blue Bloods’… Leonard Goldberg had a lot to do with Charlie’s Angels, and I always remind him that my part didn’t end up recurring. They fired me after the first episode. So my boss on ‘Blue Bloods’ actually fired me from ‘Charlie’s Angels.’ I like to kid Leonard about that.”

In this same interview, Selleck also talked about how special the famous dinner scenes on “Blue Bloods are for the ensemble cast.

“On a lot of television shows, I could go weeks and weeks and not see a lot of my cast members because they’re doing different scenes and everything else,” he said. “On our show, once a show, we have a family dinner. Look, I love these people, we’re all close friends, so we have a family reunion once a week on the show, but we also have a personal reunion, and one sometimes gets in the way of the other.”

Later in the interview, Selleck talked about the lesson he learned about balancing work and personal life when he decided to go through with starring in Christopher Columbus: The Discovery with Marlon Brando back in 1992 despite the fact that his young daughter was in the hospital with pneumonia at the time.

“It actually wasn’t a really very good script, and it turned out to be a lousy movie,” he said. “I was so thrilled about the idea of working with Marlon Brando that I just said I gotta go… yeah, I went and did the movie. The movie wasn’t really worth doing, frankly. I think Marlon was really in it for getting five million dollars for two weeks’ work, and it just bothered me. So I took a year off, and a year off turned into three.”

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